Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Merisik Day

Like all other ladies out there, I'm sure they will be feeling the same way as I am right now. I was pretty much calm a few days before the merisik day. After so much arguments we had for the past weeks, 20th October 2013 came way too fast. I was so nervous, walking in and out of my room while waiting for the arrival of the Z's parents.

So at about 3pm, Z's parents and sister came at my doorstep. And there I am inviting them in and slowly managed to get myself out of the way and let ice breaks among themselves. The conversation ended pretty fast, and alhamdullilah, we agreed on 1st Feb 2014 for the engagement.

Never have I expected this, it started off really fast for us. But I thank Allah for his presence in my life. Things are about to change starting from today and I am blessed. Can't wait for the preparation and all. Too excited! Haha.


Mrs Z.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Mr and Mrs Z

Hello!, I decided to create a little space to roughly document my journey in becoming Mrs Z where I can look back to where it all begins. And the decision to finally came up with themrandmrsz as a blog name.

For a start, let me just introduce myself. Well, I'm Sheerah (hello!), a little girl who lives in a world of fantasy while Zaharian, a boy who introduced her to another part of the world called reality. Our worlds pretty much differ but it all seemed beautifully connected in so many ways. A 10 months old relationship embarking into another level we called marriage.

Mr and Mrs Z we will be. InshaAllah.


Mrs Z.